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Social Media

Here at Lanterne Rouge, we pride our selves on being a progressive and inclusive cycling club. The club has a strong social media presence so that all members can stay up to date with the latest events, rides and news. 

Marnie Owens is our Social Media Lead.

Strava & Garmin Connect

Lanterne Stripes

Warwick Lanterne Rouge CC has both a Strava club page and a Garmin Connect club page. These help our club members keep up to date with their fellow club members cycling activities.


The Garmin page also holds copies of the Club Routes

The Strava Club is for members only (to keep the leader boards fair). You can request to join here. You can become a club member by visiting the Join Now page on this website

You can see our latest activity below:


Facebook & Twitter

Lanterne Stripes

Warwick Lanterne Rouge CC has Facebook page and a Facebook group. The Facebook page is for general club news. The Facebook group is a closed group for members only. This is where members keep up to date on ad-hoc rides, club events etc. 

See what is happening on our Twitter Facebook page below. 

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