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Close Pass Guidance

Lanterne Stripes

If you are involved in a 'close pass' incident as a cyclist and you wish to report the matter, we would suggest you contact your police local force via the non-emergency number. Some police forces allow you to submit evidence via the internet, whilst others don't. For Warwickshire police, the website is

All reports must be submitted by the individual involved. The club cannot report on behalf of individuals. You can also submit an incident form to the club, if an incident took place during a club sanctioned event/ride. However this will not replace the need to report the incident to the relevant local police force if you wish to do so. 


Such incidents can be distressing. However we would always remind you to stay respectful while on club rides, or while using the clubs social media platforms. Please refrain from using foul language or inappropriate gestures, especially while on club rides or while wearing club kit. The actions you take will reflect on the club as a whole.

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