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WLRCC do the Wiggle Tempest

So, after a few weeks of pre ride build up, WhatsApp chat group going crazy with questions on Fuelling, Maintance, what it's going to be like ect it was an early start for us all. 17 members of Warwick Lanterne Rouge Cycling Club met up at the signing on area and got ready to head out.... 15 taking on the century, the 100 mile route and 2 doing the standard 68 miles.

Nerves for a few were kicking in as some hadn't participated in such an event before and many hadn't done 100mile on a bike before, and it's a big undertaking👍

So as a superb advert for the club..we all roll out together and get intogroup ride formation straight away..👍........ then 3 mile in the first call of "mechanical" is shouted!!!!!

Nothing to bad just Lee Paul Burden dropping a chain. Group ease off and Lee is soon back with us.... so off he head again.

Riding alongside Adam up a slight ramp and I hear a loud snap noise.... Adam drops off and "Mechanical" is shouted again...

A roll back to see him shows that his crank arm has come lose and swung 90degrees round the spline!!!!..... Crank Arm removed on the side of the road and re-aligned.... tightened up and away we go!!!!

Everyone feeling great rolling along in the sunshine... great group riding, everyone chatting to everyone as the group rotates👌

Slight climbs and the group splits slightly but soon regroups on the other side.

After the second feed station at 46mile everyone is feeling pretty good, drinking and fuelling right is making it easier, pace is perfect... when people are feeling it they drop in mid-pack and take it easy for a while.... just as it should be👌👌

As we start getting closer to the 3rd feed station at the 78 mile mark it's beginning to hurt for a few people. "No mans land" has been reached by a few.... past there previous furthest distance on a bike they are now in a place they haven't been before, don't know what it's going to be like etc....

"Hydrate and fuel" is what I keep telling them..... advice taken on board by everyone and as we head out for the final 20 mile everyone's spirits lift a bit..... NEARLY THERE!!!

As we enter Walton Hall road the group is rolling along very nice!!!!!!........


Adam again has a another issue, double puncture... must of hit a hole and knocked out both front and back..... After finally sorting it with a retro tube patch we are on our way to the end..... familiar roads for some so they know there nearly back....😉

A lumpy final 5 mile saw a few pushing themselves to get it done......

Then the final run in, the 1 mile roll back into Warwick along the Hampton Road I called through a few people so we could all roll back over the finish line together....(Apart from Lee who just wanted it to end so shot off😂)

We all roll over the line together..... and it was superb👌👌👌👌👌

100miles on a bike completed👌👌👌

Huge well done to everyone on an epic achivment👍

I enjoyed riding it with you and helping out with a little guidance.....

Thanks to Mark Tiff for the account 

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