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Rides Under Covid-19

Lanterne Stripes

As Government legislation and subsequent British Cycling guidelines have changed the club feels it is the right time to bring  back club activities in a slow and cautious manor. We are recommending a phased approach for the club - see below. In parallel we have been working hard in the background over the last few weeks preparing new COVID 19 guidelines which are mandatory reading for all club members. Club COVID19 Guidelines


As we are in unprecedented times the way the club organises rides will change for the foreseeable future. While we are keen to encourage people to get out riding, as a club, safety is paramount and we all have a duty of care towards our fellow club members, residents of Warwickshire, staff at Dough & Brew and other coffee stops in mitigating the spread of the virus.

British Cycling guidelines state that 1 metres social distancing must be maintained by riders and encourages smaller group rides at present. Therefore due to the practicalities and safety issues that riding in groups of 4-6 presents (while maintaining social distancing at 1m) the club will be taking a slow and phased approach in returning to normal club activities. The changes that we will implement will be in place until further notice and subject to change as and when we have further information.

British Cycling COVID-19 Guidelines

Phased Approach

  • Phase 1 - Riding in self organised groups of 2-3

  • Phase 2* – Riding in groups of 4-6 riders inc 1 Ride Leader (Sun, Thurs (TBC), Tue (TBC)

  • Phase 3 – Riding in groups of more than 6 people with 1 Ride Leader and a full club offering


-You must not ride if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or suspect that you may have been exposed to someone who has, or if you live or work with someone who has started self-isolating in the last 14 days-


Phase 1 -From 19th July 2020
Ride suggestions

The aim here is to get people out riding in small groups and have the opportunity to socialise together at the club HQ (Dough and Brew) on a Sunday after rides.


Members ride in bubbles

  • Some riders have started this in small groups

  • For those who have not please utilise the club Facebook group to “advertise” the fact you are looking for riders to join you, including the possible route and approximate pace Club Routes

  • For newer or less experienced members feel free to reach out through the club mail box and we can try to buddy you up with a ride leader where possible. 

  • For those who have a genuine interest in taking up cycling and joining the club "A try before you join" option can be requested. Pre registration will be required for track and trace·

  • We would recommend riders carry the necessary PPE as defined by the Government

Please note these are not formal club rides but we are keen you can utilise the club network and club HQ (Dough & Brew) to start getting back together. You are expected to take/know the details of your fellow riders for track and trace purposes. There is an expectation that although not official club rides all members must adhere to social distancing and club COVID-19 guidelines


Moving onto each stage will be dictated by British Cycling and Government Guidance being updated and with the considerations of the local status in Warwickshire and our ability ride safely in the agreed group sizes*


Phase 2 - From 2nd August 2020:


  • Riders must be members and guest will only be allowed where they have a genuine interest in joining.  Try before you join will be reduced to 1 guest ride and pre registration will be required.

  • Pre-registration is required for track and trace purposes, you can no longer just turn up and ride - Please register BEFORE the ride here http://wlrcc.eventbrite.com/

  • Times will be staggered and groups will leave at timed intervals. See below

  • Numbers of riders meeting at any one time will be limited in line with Government legislation.

  • Social distancing will be maintained at the meet point, throughout the ride and at Dough & Brew or another designated coffee stop.

  • All riders must bring the necessary PPE as defined by the Government

  • Absolutely no spitting or nose clearing by anyone will be tolerated unless it’s into a tissue

For phase 2 the aim will be for us to start running formal club rides with leaders but only when it is safe to do so in the current Covid environment considering both road and personal safety.

For those who are able to join the online club rides will continue until further notice on Tue, Wed (Lady Lanterns), Thu, Sat and Sun.

Full club offering of Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays throughout the year will be phased back in as outlined above and will be reviewed constantly as British Cycling and Government guidelines are updated.

All club rides are available and created in a variety of formats which can be downloaded from the club website. Riders must have all club routes loaded onto their navigation device when we get to phase 2. Please ensure your bike is roadworthy, you have the clothing appropriate for the expected weather conditions, a tool bag including a spare inner tube and wearing a
helmet is mandatory.

By coming on a Warwick Lanterne Rouge ride you agree to the existing T&C’s and agree to follow the new COVID-19 guidelines.

Sunday Rides (From 2nd August 2020)

Lanterne Stripes





Start Location:

End Location:


Green: 08:30

Blue: 08:45

Red: 08:30


Red 25 Miles

Blue/Green 35 Miles

Warwick Square (see map)

Dough & Brew, Warwick

See Rota


You MUST pre register here. No registration, no ride!

Social rides aimed at all Lanterne levels (indicated below). All rides currently meet in the Market Square and this will continue unless otherwise stated. The designated meet point areas for Red, Blue and Green as indicated on the map below with the start times state above.

We ask riders to arrive no earlier than 5 mins before the advertised departure time to avoid congestion with other groups. 


Following all Sunday rides we will meet for Coffee and Cake at Dough & Brew in Brook Street, Warwick.

Longer club ride is for Blue & Green levels. 


Red Lanternes - This ride is aimed at beginners or those that just love a relaxed glide in the countryside at a gentle pace - 12/14 mph average over 25 miles ish, all welcome!


Blue Lanternes – A slightly quicker ride 15-17mph average over 30-35 miles.


Green Lanternes - A fast-paced ride, 17mph+ average

Sunday Rota